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Jennifer Somers

Jennifer Somers


Jennifer Somers finds fulfillment in helping others manifest their dreams. While working

as a medical assistant and a waitress, Jennifer learned people. She learned to listen, to

understand body language, and to recognize the emotions that underlie what’s being said.

A sensitive, supportive, open and down-to-earth person, she easily connects with people

of all walks of life and is skilled in putting them at ease.

Jennifer more or less “fell” into real estate through a casual conversation with a customer

at the restaurant where she was working. Asked if she’d ever considered real estate, she

admitted she hadn’t, but he convinced her it was worth looking into.

After months of thoroughly researching the business to see if it was something she could

be passionate about, she discovered that “Yes, she could.”

These days, Jennifer’s clear about her passion, and she’s clear about why she loves

working with Dwellings by Rudy & Hall. “The camaraderie and supportive environment

make the process of buying and selling homes both easy and fun.”

Through her years of working with the public, Jennifer Somers has learned to be helpful

without being pushy, to be compassionate without taking things personally, and to work

tirelessly to help people be comfortable with a potentially scary experience.

Whether she’s helping a family move from a tiny apartment to a home in which they can

grow, or she’s assisting retirees move out of the big house in which they’ve raised their

family, Jennifer Somers will allay fears, offer encouragement, and explain complex

processes in easy-to-understand language. She’ll do what it takes to facilitate the

enormous pleasure of seeing your dreams come true.

Jennifer’s service area is the western Metro area into Ann Arbor.