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Stephanie Bokor

Stephanie Bokor


Stephanie Bokor is obsessed with real estate. She loves texture, interior design, and

looking at houses. She’s one of those people who go online to look at pictures of

houses for fun, and she’s fascinated by what people choose and what colors they


In 2010, Stephanie was in college studying to be a nurse when she realized that her

passion for houses meant that real estate was her true calling. That’s when she quit

school and got her license. Her favorite thing about her profession is the daily

interactions with clients. She loves to help them find their “home” which, according

to Stephanie is “everyone’s favorite place and their source of comfort.”

Because people make their most important memories in their homes, Stephanie

takes pride in helping her clients find what they and their families need in a

dwelling. Her customer service skills were honed in food service—most notably 5

years at Wolfgang Puck Steak House in the MGM Grande Casino in Detroit, which

Stephanie calls the “gold standard” of customer service.

It was there that Stephanie learned to go above and beyond and to really “wow”

clients. “No wasn’t in our vocabulary,” says Stephanie. “We were taught that if we

can make it happen, we will. All you need is a little creativity and the ability to think

outside the box.”

Stephanie signed with Dwellings because at Dwellings creativity and thinking

outside the box are valuable client-centered skills. “A + B isn’t always C,” she says.

“There are a lot of variables, and you’ve got to make it work.”

Stephanie is patient. She knows people. She understands their needs. She knows

that not all people make a party out of buying or selling a home. Because of her

years of working with people, Stephanie is as able to offer compassionate support

for clients selling their family home as she is able to celebrate with people who are

expanding their living space for a growing family.

Stephanie Bokor’s goal is to be honest and forthright and to help alleviate the

stresses inherent in the sales process. She strives to eliminate surprises and the

“unexpecteds” and to make the overall process smooth and enjoyable.

A 13-year resident of the Westland/Canton area, Stephanie is eager to serve clients

looking for homes in Westland, Garden City, Dearborn, Plymouth and Canton.